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Weaning, When, What and WTF

Weaning, When, What and How ?

These are the questions I get asked all the time about weaning, and let me start with every baby is different and no size fits all.

Not all babies will take to weaning like the photo perfect adverts where a mother is cleanly feeding her infant and they are loving every bit. Real life weaning is messy and at time soul destroying, don’t go into this thinking it will be a breeze, the more information and real life stories you have the better. Having said this watching you child enjoy food and try different taste is quite magical and comical.

Some nights I would spend hours making my daughter food for her to take one lick and throw it on the floor. So if you have nice cream carpets never feed near them, babies have a better aim than a skilled sniper.

When I was pregnant, I uttered these words “I think I am going to make my own foods for Thea and not buy packet food”, lets just all ponder on that for a moment 😊.

Was I crazy to think I could do all this?

Do we need to make all our own food to be a good parent?

If we buy packet food will baby get all they need ?

These were some of the thought I had when I was pregnant I didn’t even have the tiny human in our lives yet but I was thinking like this. Not to mention do I do Baby Led Weaning or Spoon Fed?

What to do if the choke ?.

No wonder we all get stressed with weaning, it’s a scary time and huge development milestone for babies and parents. And the more information you have about all different ways to wean the better.

The workshops we deliver will not give you information on just one way saying this is better than this, we give you all the information on them all for you to make an informed choice.

We cover Baby Led Weaning, Spoon Fed (puree) and Combination and the benefits of each one.

The approach we take is responsive this will keep you in tune with the little one needs, hunger and development.

Modules covered are:

When to starts and why we wait for cues, what cues to look for

Infant nutrition 6-12 months

Barriers and fussy eaters


Difference between Spoon Fed (Puree) and Baby Led

Safe Weaning

How much food do they really need daily ?

What you really need to start weaning

Month By Month Guide.

Weaning guide and recipe book included.

There will also be some food for the little one to try with in the session.

The little one does not have to be of weaning age to attend its better to be equipped with all the information in advance.

The workshop is on offer at the moment for £20.00, and includes ongoing support from me thorough a closed Facebook group that we can all share ideas, recipes and get support.

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