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Babies in isolation are they missing out ?

Normally babies first few month are filled with lots of interaction from family and friends not to mention the social side of being a new mum. But in the forced isolation we currently find our selves in means all of this has stopped overnight.

Babies are social creatures always looking for people expressions and the next smile from a friendly face. Touch is a huge important part learning how Grandparents tickle them do silly faces.

So will babies develop in the same way with out the social interaction?

The answer to this is we just don't know, what i can tell your baby is learning from the world around them and you. And this is what they need right now.

It may seems like not going to classes and being forced to isolate is driving you mad but your baby will be looking at your and thinking "there you are". Yes babies do need the interaction with other babies but this can be done via an online camera. Voices and faces are still recognised even though a camera.

And for those Mama's and Dada's doing this all on their own i salute you, isolation on your own with a little one will be draining i can only imagine but at the end of this you can say i did this.

So what can you do to help babies in isolation ?

Well first you need to look after yourself and i don't mean doing the thousands of exercise videos that are flying around or making sure you do X amount of steps. I mean just having 5 mins to breathe and appreciate your little one. Play with them make them giggle, this will release oxytocin making both baby and you feel better increasing that bond.

Now is the time to make isolation memories as when we look back on this we will remember what we all did in isolation. Create some art work a photo collage or just a journal. Looking back on these in years to come will not be a sad memory but a moment where you can say to your little one "when the world stood still i spent it with you"

I am spending my time with my nearly 4 year old and let me tell you she is one strong willed little human and at times testing. And i am not gonna sit here and tell you that every day have been an Insta moment because its not far from it.

There has been tantrums, tears and shouting we are all human and no one is perfect despite what is posted online.

But i am taking comfort knowing that i am spending more time with her before she starts school in September, doing all the things i don't normally have the time or patience for.

Enjoy the little one they will soon be flying past all those milestones they grow up so quick.

I have added below a few ideas for baby interaction that are easy to do, but please don't worry all your baby needs right now is you.

Thank you for reading.

See you all soon


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