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Exercise with Toddler OMFG

Well let me start by telling you i am not someone who likes exercise i have to force myself to do it, if i have someone to go with it so much better.

So being in isolation with a toddler does not fill me with motivation to do any !!!!

In the beautiful town of Barnsley we have been waiting for Sweaty Mama's workout classes to arrive, many of my mums have been to them but not near here.

Its now arrived but due to the dreaded C Virus the world has stopped including the launch of Sweaty Mama's Barnsley.

Due to the wonders of technology this is now online for you to do in your living room. What could be better no one to see my red face or boob sweat.

I have joined this and did it with my 3 year old and let me tell you it was not easy she was between my legs while i was doing squats, telling me my bum giggled and at one point was laying on my back while i was doing the PLANK. Thea even got on the I pad and sent an angry emoji to the group.

But after the class if felt loads better i had more energy and my little one loved it, it has put me in a better mind set for the whole week. Exercise releases the feel good hormone much like massage. My little one was giggling and loving it while made me feel less like a bad mum for trying to do something for my self.

For those of you that have smaller babies this will be much easier Amy who took the class had her little one in a sling. Its real life class run by a real life mum chaos and all.

So if you are looking for an exercise class to do at home with the mini's then this is it.

I will be joining every Monday/Wednesday and Friday maybe i will see you.

I will tag the Facebook page in the comments below.

Much Love


Calm Babies

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