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Why Baby Massage ?

"A baby massage class is good, because it’s something you can do together that has a calming effect on both of you, and it’s an activity class rather than a mother and baby group where you might feel like an outsider."

Calm Babies Baby Massage Classes are carefully facilitated to involve each family, a great way to get out of the house, find reassurance through peer interaction and feel nurtured and valued. Studies show that Infant Massage can reduce the incidence of postnatal depression.

We know having a new baby can be big change, we are here for you. We see you.

Throughout the the sessions we learn all the strokes to give the little one a calming full body massage.

This calms baby and helps them be calmer and sleep better. This in turn helps parents feel calmer and less stressed.

Come along and see for yourselves.

We all love Baby Massage ❤️

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