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Why week 3 in Baby Massage is such a milestone !

Some babies come to classes on week one and take to massage straight away, others take a little time. Babies need time to get used to new things, just like us. Introducing massage slowly achieves this.

This is why we build up slowly week by week, to enable both parents and babies to adapt to this beautiful bonding experience. Throughout the session I watch babies and parents grow together in love and connection.

But, week 3 is when I see the biggest change.  Parents are calmer, babies are enjoying massage more and taking to it easier.

More often than not babies are laid ready for massage and engaging with mum or dad in the most uniquely beautiful way. Each parent is more in tune with little one and baby is responding in turn to make this experience one to remember.

Baby Massage gives you the tools to calm and build bonds that will last a lifetime.

At Calm Babies all sessions are baby led. With this approach you can be calm in the knowledge that there will be no pressure or judgment, just a friendly informative class.

Check out the timetable for classes updates.

See you all soon Catherine @ Calm Babies

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